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Lesson 1990 -social networks

When people on social networks don't send you mails or make comments on what you do - it doesn't mean that they don't care.

Usually,they have nothing clever to say.

And stalkers always have something wrong to say.
Only few are creators,not bystanders.

Kada ti ljudi na društvenoj mreži ne šalju poruke,niti prave komentare na ono što si objavio - ne znači da im nije stalo.
Obično,nemaju ništa pametno da kažu.
A oni koji te proganjaju,obično imaju nešto pogrešno da kažu.

Nekolicina su kreatori,ostali su posmatrači.

Lesson 31 Vandal Hearts / Lekcija 31

Mostly :
When a man lie,he tries to hide his eyes.
When a woman lies - she looks straight into your eyes.


kada muškarac laže,pokušava da sakrije pogled.
Kada žena laže - gleda te pravo u oči

(Vandal Hearts II)

Lesson 29  Lekcija 29
Once you reach 30,you are no longer "nice".
Most of the things will never change.
And if they do,they will change for worse.

Kada pređeš 30-u,više nisi "simpatičan".
Većina stvari se više neće promjeniti.
A i ako se promjeni,mjenja se na gore.

I don't have that bloody thing.Every time I was earning some money,it would disappear as soon as I was placing that in a wallet.Wallet is a jinx to me.I place my money in my pockets.

Ja tu ''benu stvar ne koristim.Kad god sam zarađivao,novac bi nestao čim bi ga počeo stavljati u novčanik.Novčanik je baksuzan.Ja pare držim u džepovima

Just woke up and had a coffee.I slept for almost 10 hours,partly because I needed some rest and partly because I had nothing to wake up for today.
And I was in the situation like this before.I was too tired from pain,fear and uncertainty.I was tired of half-life and bad compromises.So I did my best to change it and I did.It was a win or die situation,but I won.Nobody can understand that feeling when you place down everything you have,every piece of your past and your own life -and you win.It was better than every drug,the feeling when you jump into abyss,get up from the ground and find that the door is open for you...full life.
But this is different.It seems that for me it is much more easier to face mine-fields,grenades and cannon shells,than the world that has invisible obstacles.Maybe this is how it would look like if I didn't get through that mine-field.
But why did this agony last so long?And why there is no lesson,because this is completely absurd.It's all for nothing.And who has won ?

A prayer before I go to sleep
Dear Lord,
please don't let anyone come into my room to kill me with my kitchen knife.
The bloody thing is so blunt,that it took me a half of a minute to cut a slice of salami.Killing me with that thing would last for days.
If it has to be that way...the little fork is much more sharper...what the hell,even the spoon is better.

6th day
On the 6th day,the God made a man.So,it was afternoon and the God decided to rest.Then he started to think:
"nah,it's just to perfect and calm.We need some fuss and drama".....So he made a woman.

Internet language
"lol" means .....I may be 55 years old male,but I'm insecure and I act like a little girl,or I am a little girl and I have nothing better to say ;
"whatever" means: your arguments are much stronger and you're probably right,but by saying whatever I think I bailed myself out and I don't look that stupid.

I can't escape my own damnations,
can't make my morning shining bright ;
but I can make the Titans tremble,
my heart is where I leave the crowd.

A question for every woman
Is your freedom
                 worth that much
                                  when it makes you free
                                                  from the man that you love ?
When you're alone
                  and cannot sleep,
                                   does it really
                                                  make you free ?

Where I end and you begin
She was never real,except in my daydreaming.Never really planned,therefore she was never born.
She never cried and never she will.
She will never run into my arms when I come from work and she won't be there to say "Daddy,don't cry".
She isn't real because I'm lost in Mondo Bizzaro.
Daughter I don't have - and never will have.
I have many things to be grateful for,but there is a part of my soul that is missing this child.
My son is everything I live for,but still - he should have a little sister.

They can't shoot,they don't play by the rules,they lose every battle,yet they win every war against us.

I'm not E.A.Poe
While I was drinking my morning coffee,listening music,checking mail and preparing to go to see my son,I heard some strange noise outside.
?? Who the hell would be working on early Sunday morning,Easter,when it is raining outside ?
I looked out of the window but there was nobody.
So I went back to my coffee,and then heard knocking on the door.
?? It wasn't so loud and maybe it is some other sound that I misinterpreted as knocking.If there is someone really there,he will knock again.
It didn't repeat.
And then,someone knocked on my window ....3 times,just like it was on the door.
Oh...I see...so it is you...
best thief of them all...

We're losing it
“We have come from God, and inevitably the myths woven by us, though they contain error, will also reflect a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God. Indeed only by myth-making, only by becoming 'sub-creator' and inventing stories, can Man aspire to the state of perfection that he knew before the Fall. Our myths may be misguided, but they steer however shakily towards the true harbour, while materialistic 'progress' leads only to a yawning abyss and the Iron Crown of the power of evil.” 
― J.R.R. Tolkien


One 10 years old child wakes up on the Christmas morning and finds a present under the tree :
- "OMG,Santa really came last night and brought me some presents ! I'm not sure how did he climb down the chimney,specially because we don't have one,but he did ! Thank you Santa !" .......stupidity
-"Oh ! There is a present for me ! I know that there is no Santa.It is just a fairy tale.Maybe I'm just dreaming and there is no present for me at all ?" ......atheism

-" YEAH ! A present ! I don't know is that Santa,my parents or somebody else,but somebody surely brought me a present.I'm gonna open it and be thankful.".....religion

Truth is the best policy.Being sure what you want and fight for it is what makes you an adult.Being honest to yourself and to the others makes you a better human. Being superior is when everybody knows that you don't lie.


  1. @A question for every woman
    nope, "freedom" is trapped and crying out loud but men are either busy loving distractions or forgetting how to pee.

  2. I think we are both way past thirty.....at least I am.....it's not so much that we are no longer nice, it's more that we just can't remember what nice is.

    1. still, I'd gladly give away all my "wisdom of years" for that fullishness and luck of youth