Feb 19, 2016

Castles made of void

 What is wrong with these people ?  How did I end up working with them ?  Where the hell they were born and raised to be such selfish morons ?
   It is my work. Ofc. in every company I ever worked, there was always important who are you good with. How hard you work, what you achieved and created.... it's bullshit ; what is important is to make it look like you are working very hard. It's nothing new to me.
But this surpasses it all. These people only care what the manager thinks of them. Work is not important. Work for them is the thing that you do, making it damn sure that whatever is a problem - somebody else did it. If they don't know to do something, they will ask you to help them, if they make a mistake and you correct it, without telling to anyone- they will say "thank you", but if you make even the slightest mistake, they will act like you killed somebody.
They have no sense of humor, they know nothing about the life or history, yet they live.
And they think they're smart.
I was never a part of such society. I worked with people who taught that the main thing is to keep the business running and growing ; where differences would be solved during conversation. But this !
This is the scum. The way I see it : generation after generation, all the best people from my nation would either die in some pointless war, or go to some foreign land, to make a normal life for their children. What is left here is the bottom of the bottom. This is pure scum.
When I logged in to facebook to see my high school friends there, I noticed that all the good guys either died during the war, or fled somewhere. What is left are losers we joked with back than. Losers and me. Losers are surprised to see that I still live here. I am surprised that I can survive in the world of the losers.
Once again, they are scum. There is no point of conversation with then. They know nothing.
But they are the masters of sucking up.


  1. discomfort, disillusionment, disappointment are the ground for growth. real, inner growth that you're not in control of. you're actually on a good path.
    maybe this will help: http://worshippingthefire.blogspot.ro/2016/02/necessary-humiliation.html

    1. You become hippie !
      Ok, you have a point, partly, but main issue seem to be something else: we glorify people and individual freedom, but people actually suck and the most of them are pure idiots.

    2. ok, people are idiots. you have 2 options: one is to bitch and moan about it, and end up a bitter grumpy old man (this is the large, easy path, and so very Balkanic). another one is to realize there's nothing you can do about people being idiots. believe it or not, there is a freedom in understanding you can't control things, and in not resisting them. this is the growth path. the change must happen in you, not in them.
      I assumed you'd eventually take this 2nd way, so I skipped a few steps.

    3. I shall never surrender !
      One day people will realize that I was right about almost everything, but I'll be dead by then.
      Not all people are idiots and many people can become very nice- if you train them long enough ( train like a dog).
      I was lucky enough ( or too childish) to be able to simply not deal with idiots , just by saying "go to hell idiot", but they are taking over now ! That's what I'm saying.
      Yep yep, I am a person that Peter Pan's syndrome describes neatly, but it is embeded inside me.
      I don't want to grow up and understand idiots ; I want to make them dumb and taken to some deserted island. (I'd more like say exterminated, but it would be promoting violence).
      Finally, being grumpy old man is closer to common sense than becoming a bloody dalai-lama hippie !
      PS. Do you, hippes still use weed to widen your perception ?
      Double ps. : I do sound a lot like Homer Simpson, don't I ?

    4. you know, this conversation is beginning to reflect my pain with the world these days. I can't seem to be able to make a point across. like I'm speaking through a glass wall and you only catch half of what I say. and you're a smart guy for fuck's sake! even though you're a stubborn Serb.
      see, I can be grumpy even after I went down the dalai lama path. can this be? I'm moody, and angry, and I hate, and I despise, and I take no shit from anybody. I'm not fake. I speak my truth, (almost) never regurgitate some second hand wisdom.
      I know you're real. good, keep it up...
      "I don't want to grow up and understand idiots" - I laughed out loud at this one! :)))

    5. So what you want to say is basically, that you hippies pretend to be nice and love the world and people, while you are under the heavy influence of drugs; but when you're down to earth you're much more grumpy than an average Joe ?
      I seem to speak to you through the wall: there are no Serbs or Romanians anymore- everything becomes one giant gipsies' vanity fair.

    6. :))
      at least you're not calling me a Jehova's witness any more. that's progress!

  2. As we have both been noting for ages....Kardashian Apocalypse. There are no more quiet contributors anymore. People who do what they do not only because they have to, but because they believe in it. They all want to stand on the chair and say "look at me." Later, with their dick in your ass, they are not even thoughtful enough to give you a reacharound.

    1. Jonas Salk made successful pollio vaccine and gave it for free, as a gift to mankind, saving countless lives. Today, he is, more or less, considered as a fool, because he could've protect the patent and earn billions of dollars.
      He was no fool, he was human.
      Being human in Kardashianopolis makes you a fool.

    2. As your friend above noted....grumpy old men. Time to relish that role.