Feb 25, 2015

Potter's field

It is near the end. I cannot pay the bills this month and owner of this place will throw me out as soon as he finds somebody else who will rent this. I have nowhere else to go to.
Well, this was no fun anyway, but still, I feel very sad and afraid.
I don't know for how many days or months I will continue living my pathetic existance, but it will be surely painfull.
I only hope that my end will not be humiliating to my son and that it will not ruin his life.
I'm not a loser, just a guy with a terrible luck.

Feb 24, 2015


The horde of half islamic fanatics- half psycopatic thieves is making a havoc all around world news.
They are so well organized, trained and equiped that a platoon of Iceland's army would blow them to smithereens. Yet, they keep uploading those grusome videos so that we can maintain being afraid and hug our pillows when we go to sleep, whispering: "Thanks heavans that we have NATO that can protect us" .

Feb 23, 2015

Give them Oscars

This deserves Oscar for the best director, script, actor, sideactor and special effects.

Are People Animals ?

Come to think of it, humiliation during adolescence can really be helpfull. People who suffered because of their nationality or religion can become nationalist in very positive way or true believers.
I know some gay people, and althogh I....(let's skip it untill but)...but , I was extremely surprised about they ability not to judge other people . Hearing those things enabled me to see how narrowminded I am.
Before any comment: Yes Robert, it is BUT, not BUTT.

My Monday

Woke up, clothes on, made bed, washed my face,set some clothes for washing,  washed dishes, made myself a breakfast, ate, washed dishes, did cleaning of floor in my "shop", cleaned the tables and PCs, made myself y coffe,had to go to the closet,made some cigarettess, finally set down to drink coffee and read the news, msg on the phone, grabbed the phone, phone company selling some shit, spilt the coffee why I left the phone, had to clean floor again, also my keyboard, also my pants, made another coffee.
I'm not angry. I know that God hates my guts these days.

Feb 18, 2015


   Everyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge fan of FC Inter. Dunno why. I started loving that club since I was 5. Guess it's something to do with personality projection. I find that Inter's "temper" is similar to mine, or imilar to what I'd want to be like.
  My father didn't like Inter, because once long go when they were champions of Italy, he wrote them, congratulated and they didn't reply.
  My father loved FC Bologna. They were champions in season 63/64 I think and he wrote them in that little italian he knew. They replied and sent him a photo of the team, signed by all the players.That phote got lost somewhere decades ago, but I wish I could have it. It would mean to me more that brand new Mercedes.
 And Inter writes to me. Few years ago I became a memer of the fun club.They write to me to congratulate me every birthday. Also on my birthday they send me offer to sell me Inter jersey with my name and chosen number on the back (with 80% discount).

Feb 17, 2015

The houses made of stone

Due to my jollygood situation I was thinking about going to monastery or smth like that. But it's not for me. In a monastery you devote your life to God. I can't. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, but there are things he did to me that I can't forgive that easy.
To turn to crime ? Well, I can't be chickenstealer. I could only stel a million or die trying, and there is no possibility for that here,Also, people who are able to pull that thing are too old now and wouldn't participate.
Or I could just shoot every postman that brings the bills to my box ? After a while they would be too affraid to come.

Feb 14, 2015

When the music's over

 People tend to betray me in every possible way. Even my customers love to go somewhere else, although I give them everything. All of this is becoming an absurd that makes my head fall down to my empty palms more and more often.
 I cannot live this. I don't know if I even live now. This is not even a joke of a life. The only thing that gets through that disbilief is the fear ; This will not end well.
Sometimes destiny is worse than death.
But this was supposed to be my life for heavens sake. When did it all go so terribly wrong ?

Feb 2, 2015

Damn you Robert

You were clicking too much I guess. Now I don't see any adds on my blog. No coffee for me :(
I should be turning to crime instead of writing anyway. It's more profitable and you get more respect.