Jan 31, 2015


I have the power. If I go out , having an umbrella in my hand, there is 0% probability for rain, no matter how cloudy it is. On the other hand, if I put sunglasses on, there will be thunderstorm within 40 minutes.
When I bought the sledge for my son -  there was no snow for 3 years.
Btw, I also noticed that all the things you have at your home all the time, disappear when you run out of money. First thing that evaporates is toilet paper and toothpaste.


  1. I don't understand meteorology. It is either raining or it is not. To me, that is 50/50.

    When I was young and the only toilet was the outhouse, there was a time that the toilet paper kept disappearing and you were stuck with the shiny pages of the JC Penny catalog. An observation I made early on was that the ink on those pages was not particularly stable and transferred easily to ones arse. This was fine if you were using the bra section of the catalog and actually somewhat reassuring for a 12 year old, however, other sections were just weird. We began bringing the toilet paper inside with us and my dad, as a joke and message to the toilet paper thief placed a bucket full of corncobs in the outhouse.

    One tends to make due the best he can.

    1. Thanx to the habit I had when I was kid, to read anything while I'm on the toilet seat - I know everything about Yugoslavian football league in period 1985-1989

  2. this reminded me of:
    never saw you as a George! :))

    1. Sometimes you have to even eat chicken to get laid. I know it. It tastes like cardboard for me, but for some reson people like to eat it.