Jan 31, 2015

Meaning of life ( for those who don't use Internet Explorer)

Life is a piece of shit. The more clever you are, more unhappy you get. It is a constant rollercoaster of infortunate events, mixed with 5% of moments of the true joy. Therefore, don't take it serious.Try to recognise opportunities to make some money, but apart from that -  just have fun.
Nothing is completely clean and nothing is sacred on this damn world. Make fun of it 24/7. Be a child forever. Don't be affraid of death ; death never ends, but neither the life does.
Be more artistic when you insult people. Hurt their feelings. It will make you feel better.
Play games only on your homeground. Don't waste energy on battles that will bring you nothing.
Try not to be serial killer, although i's very tempting sometimes.


  1. I think sometimes being a mass murderer would get the serial killer urges out and gone.

  2. I feel like a gay purple unicorn every time I come on here. lemme sprinkle some fairy dust and raibows out my ass... feeling better now?
    also, lol@Robert

  3. There is no thrill in being a mass murderer. No emotions in your lack of emotions.
    And Carmen, is there a purple unicorn that's not ultra gay ?