Jan 26, 2015

Deja vu

Had a perfect deja vu. But unlike the other deja vus, I remembered where I snesed this one before. It was a dream. Actually it was a nightmare because of .... well, my options. I t was a dream of me sitting here, reading something on the internet, while my friend is on another PC. And it's the feeeling, not the picture.In few seconds of a dream you're able to see all. Dreams are not made of pictures, events of feelings; they are made of plasma that conects it all in one.
I used to think that deja vu is divine intervention. God help us dream about all that will happen in future, in order to save our mind, because some things are too painfull and could easily burn your mind if you're not prepared. So basicaly, that's the intro ino future ; you dream of it and forget it, but it stays in your subconsciousness.
But what if deja vu is just an anomaly ? Sometimes I think : the endless universe is absurd thing, but it's there, so impossible thing is happening. In that case, everything is always happening. All time is always happening.
That makes deja vu a brief burst, where one timeframe collides with the other.
In any case, we are humanoids with limited brainpowe, but death doesn't appear to be stopping anything.


  1. When you are dealing with the infinite, it sort of makes infinite possibilities likely.

  2. anything that is conceivable exists, somewhere, sometime. hence, the universe is a reflection of a universal mind, to whom we are offsprings. death is a part of this universe. so whom does it affect? - that's the question.

    1. Hence is very clever word. We, who are not born in England, don't really know when to use it, but we use it anyway to act intelectual :P

    2. yeah... I love you too :P