Dec 21, 2014

Today I live

Actualy, I am very funny guy. My family harbours that kind of grumpy humour for ages. And I make jokes all the time.But I can't show it here, because what I show here is my fear.It is venting.
Yesterday I earned enough to cover the expences, food and coffee.It is rare,but it happened. Every day that I don't go in the minus makes me releived and hopefull.
I don't want to think what will happen in 2015. Those kinds of thinkings prevent me for sleeping for hours.What I learned during the war is to eat and sleep when you can. Exhausted man will lose the battle.


  1. I just clicked on the "Find a Hot Russian Bride" to hopefully get you closer to that cup of coffee.

  2. aaaaa....FaHRB.. I think they will be offical sponsor of NASCAR series next year

  3. Replies
    1. yay = you are yeezy... I don't know what to think of it