Nov 11, 2014

Oath of the pioneer

Today when I become a pioneer of democracy
I give my hungry-of-all  word,
Yes I will diligently learn and work
To buy any diploma
Through connections or affiliations,
I will not teach like an idiot for years
To be forever stuck on the bureau of employment.
That I will be faithful and honest companion
To anyone who has more money than me
Or until they can do me a favour,
Yes I will love our young country
Until I get a visa
To go anywhere else -
And, when I come back again
Visiting relatives
That I will say that nowhere is such people like here
That nowhere the air and the sun is beautiful like here.
I promise I'll be fighting for the ideas of President
That makes everyone slaves of foreign banks
Except himself and his children.
That I will appreciate and love all people
Who want freedom and peace

Unless they’re coloured or queers


  1. Replies
    1. Well, you got it. I think that immigration policy of north-american countries is well-described by your comment too.