Nov 27, 2014

Let me tell you the truth

In this greedy world, where everyone is good deep inside, but too lazy or too stupid to do anything really good, all depends on luck.
Yes, most of us are thought to be honest and diligent, to be good student and to be diligent at work. We're thought to be social and patient and that results will come over time. But it's just 10% of reality. 90% is the dark matter that we rarely talk about. It's the luck.
I don't know what kind of the game God is playing, or does it have some higher meaning. All that I know is that the luck rules our lives. You can't influence it ; you can only be superstitious idiot.
So you think this is all some quasi-philosophical ranting and it has nothing to do with your life ? Thinking , because you have nice job and well-hearted friends and family, that you made it all by your inteligence or work is foolish. It can all go into abys within few weeks.
Just look back at how did you gat your job. Well ? What if you didn't ?
Now look at the sites where people share their thoughts and tricks about living in a car. One day you have it all, you are calm and clever , but the other day your job closes down. That you search for a new job, but can't find one. That all your friends and family let you down, because nobody likes to live your failure.
Than you decide that you don't want to beg anyone and keep trying. And your luck fails again.
The banks will not have symphaty and you will end up on a street. And homeless people are mostly doomed.If you can't find a job when you're at your best, how will you find one when you're hungry, depressed and didn't have a shower for days ?
I am not preaching fear, neither I try to find excuses for my failure. I'm done and I just want to write down all I can before I lose all my dignity. That will happen very soon.I don't know will I die or just continue with some pathetic dog-like exsistance, but I'd like to know what is this luck made of ?
When I was playing the cards, I simply felt those burst of luck coming, I was patient for them and I knew how to win. But I also always felt that there is some container with my luck and that it fills up and gets empty over time.
The arrow that shows ammount of luck that I have left hit 0 last year and stopped moving. Do I really have to go in this way ? I just have to admit one thing : dear God, your sense of irony is ultimate.


  1. there is more beyond what you can see now. so much more!
    have you ever read a book twice, a few years apart and were left with the feeling that you read two different books? it's never because of the book, right? it's always you. your standpoint is ever changing, ever deepening. life does that. let it! there will come a time when you'll look back and you'll see this more clearly.

    this is a valuable lesson: luck comes and goes. so don't count on it. don't look for it. don't wait for it. build your home in something that doesn't come and go. build it in something that you can never lose, not in a million years.
    and have faith.

    1. There is nothing that you can't lose.

    2. that's just an assumption. you never actually looked.
      but I think I was wrong to bring this up anyway. it seems to piss you off, rather than help you. sorry about that.

    3. To make a fish go into water and to piss off a Serb is on the same level of difficulty. It doesn't mean a thing. We don't share same opinions about this , so what ? Maybe your opinion has more sense, but I'm too bitter to accept it.

  2. The first line in this writing is masterful. The rest can be a depressing truth. The sad reality? The lazy and stupid rule the world. Those of us who aren't, serve them. I lived in my truck for a short while and am proud that I asked for no help. It has always amazed me that the dishonest and shiftless can be held in such high regard yet truth speakers and hard work are shat upon.


    2. A good reminder that the people who built my country are gone, the people who protect it are unappreciated and those who are at the teat need a boot in the ass.