Nov 3, 2014

-Electrical eyelashes-

trumpeters at the funeral
certainty in the cloud number 4
rhinos on the beach tiled with stars
heads  I yesterday rolled under the spoon
tadpoles in a brandy cauldron
electrical lashes under armpit
bronze hours in Japan - volcano
whom is this holiday for -flood?
grazing beside many centuries old tanks
and then they ate us
romantic reptile along the lines of destiny
operation in the four pears
undoing the muzzle
we do not talk
a lot

on a sidewalk goes, half undressed
Titoar - the king of reptiles
we cannot help, but worship him
because the lakes are full of our vertebrae
and our spines are lost holiday
 to us
for someone who is walking and someone who is talking
tales about olive tail
while ears distribute gifts
to someone who eats

then they dress us
in someone who sleeps

and they sleep in us -  in a coat

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