Nov 12, 2014

Apollo 41


All  of your wishes, feelings and hopes, are contained in a box ,that muddy water  is carrying right into the claws of hungry rats.
It is futile to hit walls with fists, scratch with teary nails for some air.
Broken arms  do not pick strawberries.

We are all too selfish, so am I. We live in an era of selfishness. That's why we build churches where we wash hands and pretend to be praying for a long time.


  1. selfishness is natural. if we could accept this, all the churches would become obsolete.

    1. Selfishness is a form of natural instinct for selfpreservation, while generosity is also such form, but generosity (with few other instincts) helped human evolve from apes.
      This world killed every prophet and will continue to do so.
      It's because we think we're important. But we're not.

    2. we're important because we're all we've got. what else is there? ultimately, everything comes to oneself. me, my, mine. wouldn't it be pure hypocrisy to say otherwise?
      besides, if we're not important, what is?

    3. Unconditional love towards kids, pets or some very rare people is more important. Givining without asking anything in return makes one more happy.
      We are lost without God. God is the other half of ourselves we're missing.
      We are like Borg.We only think we're important and unique. We're not. We're just a bunch of frightened kids, living on the blue ball that sails through everlasting darkness.