Oct 29, 2014

the tale of the queen and the hangman

the tale of the queen and the hangman

never not love maids,
because the queen transcends them all with beauty;
and do not ever sleep with the queen, -
as always hangman through the door protrudes

it's like going through the mob, -
 smiling guillotine awaits;
people shout, you bend down, -
and there is nothing- nothing more

and then the servant takes the basket,
and  cast your head in whirlpools;
rural greyhounds will lick the blood -
and somehow they will find
                              some fun with your body.

never kiss maids,
ofyour head will soon start to hurt; -
dream of queen and rarely visit her -

just remember the fragrance of the elder +


  1. Wooden stage, hanged rope
    desires fade, as footsteps approach
    the taste of death and sweat from the pore
    is hell the end or to heaven ill soar
    "die scumbag" !! as they stood before
    gold was a tool of the rich to reign over the poor
    life lived with dignity, integrity and loyalty...
    farewell to all as tears pour
    thus to god i yearn and ask for more

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