Oct 31, 2014

the season of hard sailing

08.07.1995.sab, KSB 0703

lead me to a place of glory that I never imagined,
get me out of the ship that have never sailed;
do you know that I'm awake
I'm turbid
take my portion,
give me a cake of strength, not to feast this one night too.

I am like a stream that never I sailed on,
as the navel of cloud which I never liked,
I'm here sitting,screaming
wreck in the middle of the island,
there are crazy days
-prohibited  shipping.

throw the cake strength to flog myself with my soul,
get me out of mud-
yellow frost where I am buried;
I go out in the night as a blood-hungry ghosts,

the night is rocking on me, like a coat of dead baker

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