Oct 29, 2014

malaksaž (mask of lies)

malaksaž (mask of lies)
0591 XII 1993

and how do I always remember later?

my girlfriend is train station slut
in the restaurant at the bottom , market of dump;
she lives as if the sun does not come out,
-in her  sight middens are dying

 we meet near the park
and pretend to know nothing;
for hours we only bang into wells
and lure rain on our bare heads

my job is to give the guard
                                 to sentenced to death
              in his final night;
I'm playing a priest to blasphemers
and I lie dying
                             just to say something

so sometimes I take off the mask from my soul
and go down the street like every day,
I forget, look - in this gloomy sky
and fleeing to house I stumble,I fall

and when somehow I clamber back
over strive stairs; when I open the doors
with last bit of energy, jerked and in fever-
I put the mask back

and how do I always remember later?

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