Oct 29, 2014

loss of reason

loss of reason
11.10.1993.lum ap 887

1.little word
h a sword
that cuts throats;
small word
with a trumpet
which is chanting; -
and tie she puts when going outside,
and holster, decorated,
just for saber
which slaughters

2.little word
comes out of mouth
and goes into the field;
small word
has a sword
which slaughters; -
believe it or not
that is saber that all
the last drop did cut,
It's miner,
hunting and  hut

3.little word, in the middle of the square, living cat
ate alive, in the middle of the square, living cat;
small word is a gray man
in his jacket,there is steel,on his belt

little man, below the heart, two swords
hid, now he’s smiling;
nobody knows
that two
best sabers ,he hid, -
he went out to slaughter

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