Oct 29, 2014

desert raft


07/16/1994. sab KK6 0629

There where mountains are sown up
and where warm truth sprouts out,
there where  dawns are coming from -
is a country that knows;
in this country, at the end of the field, -
lives a man learned and old,
- his whole joy is in a chaparral.-
he roars, waves foam over him
and raging, he hugs the clover,
-that man is the only one still alive -
all others died inside of him.
on his sky he does  not have meteorites
he does not look for the science in the mud;
his desire  is to kiss the snow -
drink the wheat’s inflorescence.-
every morning goes to the whirpool,
but he never jumps in him -
he does not know about tears with the sun in copper

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