Oct 29, 2014

citizen ana tajt

citizen ana tajt


93-09 ap W .0901


didi, go with the song

leave me sad,

again I'll associate with farewell of days;

to the valleys of heart I'll tell that you’re leaving,

-in ghosts  of force of  sleepy Balkan +


I heard you  for the first time,

and there I will go;

to get nothing would be too much,

but to hope for everything,

to give all for all.

Her I in others she built firmly

in herself she was only begining-

youngest sister, age 17;

and rain flared lake of gasoline

or  it’s just cobwebs burning.

I yearn for perfect people,

Unfortunately- there is one such

-river which grows you up

nevertheless, the rain.

she is pale

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