Oct 29, 2014



have you heard sobbing north
as the wind descends to the flat lake
and wild geese kneel in the grass,
 to hide their necks in the troubled stubble;

did you see how from the marble
you carve out your broken shape
for the glory of Antarctica
                            Aleksander blue?

wings are not banging
in this liturgy,there is no priest,
only a couple of unrelated thoughts together,
like divisible gates  of stationary parade
words sink  under boots  of sluggish troops
whose footsteps I cannot hear; -
do you know why ¨ blue Aleksander?

I know, I know everything.
I know everything, but it’s good for nothing,
no wisdom in wrinkles;
problematicly  good, mad and lonely
in frenzy,deluge

I open the jaws of a lion
and in them I jump bare-bones,
as if I was armed with pain,
no pain! quiet grief;
I'm here to raise my hand,
to hail a star who wanders with the moon.

wrapped in thick fur,
finished off with disease in this midnight of nowhere;
hours are builing up in this crystal room,
in me there is bat  of sadness of east and north

I know all.I will go again
no, I will not whine.-I will sweetly laugh 
and the tower that defended a thousand spears
will fall before my feet;
but God, whether it's in me
anything good left.
my living eyes-my good madness,
and what to do with you ,tower of white cherries
when I put my pack on shoulders again.

here are taigas, darkness, -lights of my way
here are signs of departure,return and the place
that is nowhere

I'm falling, I'm dragging and I sink,
hitting the bells of the  sunken ship ,
reflecting the struggle that has already passed;
whether it's win, it is not important,
those are ,baby, dots you can’t find on maps,
here is joy and sorrow intertwined
in a clear ringing of distant stars,
 of the forces of water that turn me
-blue Alexander.

no longer a hero, I only put my armour on-
when I fight with windmills,
I also remember and talking nonsense;
I'm young, I'm crazy, I love
With soul,with glow and hands;
in me there is still a heart,
crucified Christ

                      thanks at least for this +

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