Oct 31, 2014


nevertheless, it is important to travel more,
see all the suffering, pain and power,
touch the happiness, at least for a brief time, on the corner
of deserted city that has yet to come

 to swallow kilometers as bitter wine
bring down the stairs of time with heels,
to make stones  blunt with your sluggish steps,
laugh  like crazy

                     -to scream at  a dawn +



on dried out station of alcohol
under a soggy tree tops;
we disappear as the rare ones -

unrest come
faces as doorsteps;
it is a window that I do not see-
crows in the hearth

we stand wet from rain
my friend, your dog, and I-
and insane overthoughts
-through our dark tears

                we reached the bottom +

thorny fairytales

8.09.1995.D1 out (+0617)

broken branches  wheeze on the edge of the forest,
and the moon is punctured;
in the wrong courtroom
judge was beaten -
others were executioners.

the sun is on the table - I cut it into slices,
silent in the darkness - I and my heart just
bent at our roots.


how many times have I  on abandoned table
pulled an empty box  of HB s?
how many times I passed through the park -
under the mask of face waited for the end of summer.
-waiting for the night as a lost dog
new master:
without a will in myself -

without all that is lost

Šurik meje

30.05.1995 dom.Godinja 0692

there used to be sunday .-
              today it is rosy breakdown -
day as a residue, night  as the womb -
hour in which unsuccessfully I wait for my home
burnt village, a forest full of ghosts.

on the hill rocks and hundreds of pine trees,
across the river bushes and pulled down fence -
and a yellow flower in a tiny grass
raven that’s flying -
relaxed -

across the abyss

the season of hard sailing

08.07.1995.sab, KSB 0703

lead me to a place of glory that I never imagined,
get me out of the ship that have never sailed;
do you know that I'm awake
I'm turbid
take my portion,
give me a cake of strength, not to feast this one night too.

I am like a stream that never I sailed on,
as the navel of cloud which I never liked,
I'm here sitting,screaming
wreck in the middle of the island,
there are crazy days
-prohibited  shipping.

throw the cake strength to flog myself with my soul,
get me out of mud-
yellow frost where I am buried;
I go out in the night as a blood-hungry ghosts,

the night is rocking on me, like a coat of dead baker

sand raft

24/08/1995. D1 0716

I sail in the bay of pigs.-
torches illuminate their tin muzzles.-
blunt as collision, the moon has fallen,
gull has today become the fear

we come with faces sprayed with mud;
we do not talk.
with an effort we build new tents,
waiting for the mob to reach us -
high guards to shut us down.
it is fear of the sea, a bonfire on the hill,
Those are good people, beaten to the bone -
small world on one line
                         of your dear chin.

and until dawn, with whip and all the strength
they beat tired and sick;
and in their hungry hands
they nail in wedges,

-and burn their faces

Oct 30, 2014

Firing squad

Life is something that happens to the other people,while you are waiting for the final orders given to the firing squad.
The rain falls down your face and it's a blessing - because it hides your tears.
Probably they will set you free,but it's just another way to die.You are alive here,but you're dead on every place where you aren't now.

Oct 29, 2014

freckled end

26.08.1995. out KSB 0717

window is wet,
and below it in greensward
spider weaves a web;
and we ~ soldiers
in shipwreck -
leant our full guns  on a wall.

hunters enter the full belly of a forest.-
green morning is petrified.-
hard boots  are banging on hidden ponds,
tops of double-barreled guns tread on thorns
.and red fox does not give a sound
but her heart could beat out;
the smell of blue rose – she will not feel.

comes a moment when I know -
how good I am,
                 how all I am;
than I don’t close myself in abandoned wagon -

                 and I do not hit my feet off on someone else's doorstep

scum’s plug, wax home

22.04.1995 sab, KSB 0691

full strength in lies:
                to fall,
                to teem
               to hide /
like a wheel that is spinning mindless:
             placing under
             balancing /
It's a telescope that does not see the sun:
             drop in the ocean,
             glass under water,
             glass furnace /
but I can clearly see the sky in a hurry-
there it is in my eyes;
all that matters to me I'll be able to sift =
the rest is dust,
            now and hour

            and trace

writings in a nobook

V1995 0697

in my red days
I  overthrew so much to the wind,
I asked a lot of
for a lot I gave myself,
silent and shameless on my new hands -
with the moon under a hat
I stand on my hands;
all night I turn to  the Lord =
it is hard, that’s my fear-

that is a woman who picks dropped acorns,
brook that hails to the heights -
truth, freedom and another lie.-

-in the morning of their truth
may the good Lord be with you


21.12.95.Ksb 0744 2:20

people wondered why crow squeals-
why  does not sing like other birds do-
and that black, tattered coat-
why does she wear down the street

a crow said to them in human language:
-coat is sewed  by my mother nature-
It is a tweet  for anyone who wants to listen
so  nightingale's song is not suitable for me +

snake eyes

27.1.95.ven Ksb 0684, first hour

      view  of the whore, under water porch
so shall it be in the last hour;
penultimate music stands in the hallway,
it is cold
tonight to be
alone like a dog.

we’re getting old-hey! thousands
 of my steps,
a thousand  of screams days do not hear:
under water porch
          in her kingdom, -
in  view  of the whore
with fairylike eyes +

the atomic weight

     22/04/95. sab, Ksb 0696

// 23h //

thousands of miles of minced days -
sand which I eat
and belligerent eyes;
it's when I travel
                          as swallowed, -
soil that I eat -
and air upon I float.

faking  walls with open wounds,
and heart that I carry on my shoulders;
this is when I go down
                          to take from the floor -
one dream I might add,
buzzing on my knees

well, then  I get up
                           and pour in my pockets,
moments  of blue
                           imaginary waiting;
-I turn on the faucet to see flowing from it -
thousands of miles of minced days +

desert raft


07/16/1994. sab KK6 0629

There where mountains are sown up
and where warm truth sprouts out,
there where  dawns are coming from -
is a country that knows;
in this country, at the end of the field, -
lives a man learned and old,
- his whole joy is in a chaparral.-
he roars, waves foam over him
and raging, he hugs the clover,
-that man is the only one still alive -
all others died inside of him.
on his sky he does  not have meteorites
he does not look for the science in the mud;
his desire  is to kiss the snow -
drink the wheat’s inflorescence.-
every morning goes to the whirpool,
but he never jumps in him -
he does not know about tears with the sun in copper

cupbearer of death

cupbearer of death

it’s autumn mother and basil is drying,
farmers  are leaving them to die in a haystack;
in my boots there is too sad wind,
that’s the north wind bringing hope submerged.
her sails are torn, mother, but she
however sails
through a stream and flute /
in heavy boots
where thousands of bagpipes
sing silence
in order to hear her.
ears of my dear,
ears of my close,
ears of my regulars,
ears of my dead.

it’s horrible how sadness passes,
fast train through a station fence /

cold night is pelting
and leaves are hitting;
in heavy boots,

in my view


18.7.1994.lun camp6 0631

I eat breakfast in the Land of Oz,
around me are just squares
 of black and white marble,
and strong ,silent fog,

with her fingers she touched the darkness:
under fur coats handle of revolver peeps-
and a long, long barrel
                   wiped out the moonlight.

night  is without stars.-
in front of me drizzles stopped truck,
-with turned on engine and open eyes;
I raise my hand to protect myself from the flash,
wind bends thin hazel trees.
headlights turn off

                 - drops struck me on my cheek


5.11.1994.sD1 0661

there is too much desire implanted in me
so, at every crossroads I turn
-instead proceeding straight.

sunflower in my eyes is too big
to forget the world overnight;
only my bent letter remains, -
I gave away everything else.

cat on the stairs,
gray horse on the wall,
and all the other animals -
would not let me have
                         a moment of rest,

                        - for at least a little nap


0641 26.08.1994.Ksb

here where the sky is approaching the highest treetops,
and where the blue milk dripping from all the trees -
I hang out with carpet
and with meadow under the window

hawk jumps on the floor and pecks leftovers
                                                  of today's breakfast;
I lie in bed and throw back an anchor
and every time at least I break the glass-

Let's say- the cloud sometimes known to go astray, -
descend to earth,
sinks and waits-

while kissing your feet

white dawnings

white dawnings
5.6.1994.Ksb 0618

white dawnings,
-sudden as winter fogs
                          quiet and wistful:
whom shall I carry a flashlight of universe -
blood is the strongest
/ Her eyes are dreamy;
it is time to curse all,
                                       to stretch
                                       and sleep on.


she is so young,
with white skin of merging:
a little too heavy for every day -
a little lighter than dying;
from the cloud into my arms
                                     nothing drops anymore:
/ do not tell me blind about the glitter of leaf

do not tell me dead - about the smells of the sea

nameless birth

nameless birth

yes, it seems as though this boat
undeniable sinks,
but it is only
                    another steep wave-
that swept over the deck,
It was a cold winter coat
fallen on the rocks;
No, this ship I won’t-
plank by plank-
gently disassemble,
this night even when it sinks,
may again

               last longer +

the tale of the queen and the hangman

the tale of the queen and the hangman

never not love maids,
because the queen transcends them all with beauty;
and do not ever sleep with the queen, -
as always hangman through the door protrudes

it's like going through the mob, -
 smiling guillotine awaits;
people shout, you bend down, -
and there is nothing- nothing more

and then the servant takes the basket,
and  cast your head in whirlpools;
rural greyhounds will lick the blood -
and somehow they will find
                              some fun with your body.

never kiss maids,
ofyour head will soon start to hurt; -
dream of queen and rarely visit her -

just remember the fragrance of the elder +



have you heard sobbing north
as the wind descends to the flat lake
and wild geese kneel in the grass,
 to hide their necks in the troubled stubble;

did you see how from the marble
you carve out your broken shape
for the glory of Antarctica
                            Aleksander blue?

wings are not banging
in this liturgy,there is no priest,
only a couple of unrelated thoughts together,
like divisible gates  of stationary parade
words sink  under boots  of sluggish troops
whose footsteps I cannot hear; -
do you know why ¨ blue Aleksander?

I know, I know everything.
I know everything, but it’s good for nothing,
no wisdom in wrinkles;
problematicly  good, mad and lonely
in frenzy,deluge

I open the jaws of a lion
and in them I jump bare-bones,
as if I was armed with pain,
no pain! quiet grief;
I'm here to raise my hand,
to hail a star who wanders with the moon.

wrapped in thick fur,
finished off with disease in this midnight of nowhere;
hours are builing up in this crystal room,
in me there is bat  of sadness of east and north

I know all.I will go again
no, I will not whine.-I will sweetly laugh 
and the tower that defended a thousand spears
will fall before my feet;
but God, whether it's in me
anything good left.
my living eyes-my good madness,
and what to do with you ,tower of white cherries
when I put my pack on shoulders again.

here are taigas, darkness, -lights of my way
here are signs of departure,return and the place
that is nowhere

I'm falling, I'm dragging and I sink,
hitting the bells of the  sunken ship ,
reflecting the struggle that has already passed;
whether it's win, it is not important,
those are ,baby, dots you can’t find on maps,
here is joy and sorrow intertwined
in a clear ringing of distant stars,
 of the forces of water that turn me
-blue Alexander.

no longer a hero, I only put my armour on-
when I fight with windmills,
I also remember and talking nonsense;
I'm young, I'm crazy, I love
With soul,with glow and hands;
in me there is still a heart,
crucified Christ

                      thanks at least for this +

Friends, streets and glasses

Friends, streets and glasses
11.04.1993.ned / 12.02.1990

Friends, streets and glasses
Everything becomes dirty when night falls;
 I desperately wish that I somebody needs me,
But nowadays nobody bleeds for help.

I'm just a toadstool  of brain
The rest is choking animal: -
The machine, which is spinning hollow -
The important thing is just a mirror inside of the soul.

BLOOD ON WALLPAPERS as an echo of the future.
I enjoy praises /
God, I'm an egotist,
God, I'm a masochist, -

      I'm sleepy.

4 centuries older than us

4 centuries older than us

4 centuries older than us
two houndred years
under the mountain snobiye glack (lagk)
by the shore of a warm sea
lives a tribe Vaovas
4 centuries older than us
girls who are weaving toadflax around their weists

and young Tevulek went into the world

song of a ventriloquist

song of a ventriloquist
11.12.1993. 0583

I do not understand
why homes
 of the continent
 are permanently silent?
where goes my head,
when  I go mad,
when I drown?
wind gets dirty from me,
from nastiness I swallow;
while I knock off the  night
like a thief iron trot
I heap up  horizon ,
and wander through the battlefield

who manages this sinking ship? -
that sails sunk
all scattering the distance.
night is cold like the blink of an eye of a snake;
Titanic floats and sinks
destroying everything in its path

 I do not understand
why homes
 of the continent
 are constantly  silent

and for whom?

malaksaž (mask of lies)

malaksaž (mask of lies)
0591 XII 1993

and how do I always remember later?

my girlfriend is train station slut
in the restaurant at the bottom , market of dump;
she lives as if the sun does not come out,
-in her  sight middens are dying

 we meet near the park
and pretend to know nothing;
for hours we only bang into wells
and lure rain on our bare heads

my job is to give the guard
                                 to sentenced to death
              in his final night;
I'm playing a priest to blasphemers
and I lie dying
                             just to say something

so sometimes I take off the mask from my soul
and go down the street like every day,
I forget, look - in this gloomy sky
and fleeing to house I stumble,I fall

and when somehow I clamber back
over strive stairs; when I open the doors
with last bit of energy, jerked and in fever-
I put the mask back

and how do I always remember later?

loss of reason

loss of reason
11.10.1993.lum ap 887

1.little word
h a sword
that cuts throats;
small word
with a trumpet
which is chanting; -
and tie she puts when going outside,
and holster, decorated,
just for saber
which slaughters

2.little word
comes out of mouth
and goes into the field;
small word
has a sword
which slaughters; -
believe it or not
that is saber that all
the last drop did cut,
It's miner,
hunting and  hut

3.little word, in the middle of the square, living cat
ate alive, in the middle of the square, living cat;
small word is a gray man
in his jacket,there is steel,on his belt

little man, below the heart, two swords
hid, now he’s smiling;
nobody knows
that two
best sabers ,he hid, -
he went out to slaughter

citizen ana tajt

citizen ana tajt


93-09 ap W .0901


didi, go with the song

leave me sad,

again I'll associate with farewell of days;

to the valleys of heart I'll tell that you’re leaving,

-in ghosts  of force of  sleepy Balkan +


I heard you  for the first time,

and there I will go;

to get nothing would be too much,

but to hope for everything,

to give all for all.

Her I in others she built firmly

in herself she was only begining-

youngest sister, age 17;

and rain flared lake of gasoline

or  it’s just cobwebs burning.

I yearn for perfect people,

Unfortunately- there is one such

-river which grows you up

nevertheless, the rain.

she is pale

Frankenstein monster

Frankenstein monster
884,8.X 1993 ven, ap

I'm that priest, in the lobby, without candle,
under the splendor of the sea, on island of coal;
I bring my body near the edge of the abyss,
~ I smile- and cry again

I am that monster
                            which goes along the river,
and coastal shrubs it
                         whips  in the face;
I am roar that  can be heard in the wind,
I cry with my madness
                            and splash on the water;
I am the dark priest

                             that walks along lobby

a man who builds a relationship towards himself

a man who builds a relationship towards himself
26.01.1993.mar AP 607

(issue is only one)

magician pulls rabbit out of a hat,
chosen places, chosen people,
and the secrets they do not want to guess;
he controls circle and faces of color
-hands that tightens the ring is not my

monsters lurking beneath the eaves of others'
In this cemetery of honesty and smiles,
they sunk here tied hands;
murk is spreading
in itself; -
darkness screws up her eyes-  in the lamps

light is on maps
where it does not hurt your teeth,
and where homeless darkness

returns to the beginning

Prince and sadness

V 92 / V 93 198

Like a Aesculapian snake lying curled up

The death sent wounded man-

Under the sun that evaporates =

Only sometimes lips moved to thirsty water =

In his head the minds are clogged

As a country which walkthrough Titans.

There was once a prince

In the kingdom of distorted values ​​=

His enemies are two fingers each

They are enjoying

warmth and glow

-cold has grayed

His heart out

this freedom also dyes

= because he’s with pigs

And he’s also a pig

and his deeds are hoggish

his soul is a hog’s soul
on the morning of their victory

Let the good Lord be with you


         05.12.93.dom,ut AP 0581

I’m at home.The mask of frontiersman is off,
costume of a bumpy warrior is thrown in the funnel,
I’m wearing the rags of my groan,
claws of a pack are withdrawn
into the shriveled trench of my palm,-
but there is no way to cast of
yoke of my cotton days

soggy dark caught the Luna
over her throat-
he overlaid the blade:
cutt-throated light falls to the ground,
darkness drunk the tears away

out of my mind
with my rubber head,
but Mother is there no more

is it crumbling
the blue of the sky,
or did you Mother
-fall in the cold grave ?
ramparts of my room whisper:
-she couldn’t make it through.




I used to be rabbit’s paw,

and the first touch of warm sea;

I used to be like birch leaf-

now I'm harsh oak bark

there used to be-just today, just tomorrow

only a couple of hours and be closer to my aim;

and sometimes it was, and finally here ...

now the days go by

without me even touching them

and perhaps I’m looking forward to tomorrow,

there will be noon and there will be evening

and dawn will come:

once it was all there for us,

and now I'm harsh oak bark +




life is yours
   bombs are exploding all over your feet
                                    but somebody awaits for you
deluge will go by and you will find
                                    a valley without an echo

life is yours
donkeys are hauling wheels of led
                     don't say it's too late
and that's how I stay
                      that's how the night evanesce


but when I come nobody
doesn't have white palms,
and nobody receives my first gifts-

-and to who I gave this summer.



standing on the ground,
looking at the sky,
-dreaming about stars
staggering with our eyes;
looking at the sea
we are building palaces,
that will lead us nowhere