Mar 13, 2018

Ispod lišća

10.07.2017. DM

i tad se nasmiješ
tek tad se rodim,
tek tad se umijem i obujem cipele

i krenem kao voz
među zmije i noževe
- jer tvoje drvo drži me

Mar 8, 2018

Mindlessness authonomy

Your courtyard is triangle
with dwarfs and tribunals
Suburban zeal
when we fail at integrity

Applauded for being passive
crucified for unexplode
Eroded into submission
doing what what we have been told

Mar 6, 2018

Achievement of simplicity

Your purpose is your decision, your decision is not willing, your willingness is not controlable.
You are the purpose so the question is needless.
It is what you decide, free from the conditioning and pragmatic mechanical mind.
Your purpose and your freedom - it is you.

I decided to love and enjoy in impossibility that I exist. That makes every new day one more unimaginable victory.

Mar 1, 2018

At the door

there is this riot in prison cells
people need some reminding,
and cars that are running fast
to find place where you're hiding

I was there with my broken arms
as calm as I could be
you know me better than anyone
yet you know nothing about me

and I swear that I heard them shoot
I saw blood dripping from my knee
you know me better than anyone
yet you know nothing about me

and I swear that I heard them say
"this one still wants to believe "
you know me better than anyone
yet you know nothing about me


Ja sam ništa nego golub u bodljikavoj žici
posljednje veliko slovo
nedovoljno oguglao na zvuk sirena
smrznuti prsti na vratu violine
ispod zarđalog neba
ja sam ništa nego božiji anđeo
posljednji s kojim se govori
onaj koji mora doći kad se pozove
i svakoga jutra se ponovo začudim
kako to da sam još tu
i kako uopšte mogu se podići
Ja sam ništa nego brod u magli
plamen koji gori
i kad sve drugo se predaje
Ja sam svoj otac, svoj brat i svoj sin
i golub u bodljikavoj žici

Feb 25, 2018

Ursulita Chipesescu

to wake up
out of time and out of places
burning lust and mind that races
coffee under palm tree, and those
beds turned to fit you and me,
to feel
morning with it's snow and pistols
my face falling on your nipples
out of time and out of place
I live only when I kiss your face

Feb 24, 2018

3 AM

3 AM, she waits until I fall asleep, to take empty canvas of the day day and start painting.
She mixes white, blue and gray to make my cloudy sky. She moves those colors around with her fingers to make it all smooth. She takes the brightest yellow from my soul to make sun that is hidden behind the clouds, takes the brown that is between us to draw forests in distant mountains, takes green from the edge of her smile to make tiny shy flowers.
Then she looks at me and kisses my lips gently, without waking me up.
Finally, when the picture is finished, she adds frost and icy wind, to remind me how cold it is without her body in my hands.
And she goes to sleep,hoping that my kiss will wake her up.
Soon my love. I hope that very soon I'll be there to wake you up with my kiss.

Feb 22, 2018

Vandal Hearts II

It's the video game I played on PSX almost 20 years ago. I'm still fascinated how deep the story was. It did teach me a lot about life,war, love, loyalty and above all : about what makes people do certain things and how strongly people hold onto their core beliefs.
Today I found a piece of paper with a passage from the game :

" As the chaos of the riot raged, I wielded my sword like a blood-soaked demon. My only thought was to escape the forsaken dungeon. I cut down all those who got in my way, be they prisoners or guards.
I couldn't think... I couldn't let myself think. It would mean losing everything I believed to be true...
As I fought, the king stood mute, oblivious to the gory pandemonium. His eyes, dead and devoid of light, witnessed nothing... "

Feb 21, 2018

Supersonic spinal raft

It's where two rivers meet
where children eat chocolate bars
where my home is

Burns in liquid
sways to left
I'm your martyr
sheets and sweat
In the temple of alive
I'm your candle, and you are
my arrival
my own god
you are priest of what blood calls
for, you are flower
dark and green, and I
just want to go within
tell you , give you
with my eyes
with my hands
here is my mind
take it , mold it, make me yours
you are priest of what blood calls

Feb 20, 2018

How to live and where can it be found (by Chamango)

The more I observe, more obvious it looks like that there are only two ways to live : either you live in fear, either you don't take life too seriously.
And I see too much of fear in people.
Also, humor is the best way to explain life, because it uses the same resources as happiness :
The most funny things are those that are completely unexpected, completely simple, spontaneous and effortless.
Don't try more than it's necessary. Don't be afraid. Don't pretend you're something you aren't. Accept differences. Be free. Make love as soon as you wake up.

Feb 19, 2018

I know nothing

I know how it feels when you are one of the best pupils throughout entire education. When everyone admires you and know that you will be someone. And fail miserably. And be the worst regarding having any carrier.
I know how it feels when you lose your mother because she couldn-t take any longer being scared for your life. To lose one who devoted her life to me, leaving before I could show her how much I am grateful.
I know how it feels when you are wounded, when they don-t have any painkillers so they clean your wound -on dry- I know how it feels when every of your muscles is strained from pain.
I know how it is not to be able to use your leg for half of the year, and walk while your wound is still draining.
I know how it feels to be 18 and in grotesque war. To be scared for life on every given second for 3 years, meanwhile taking care of your father who just gave up.
I know how it feels when you just can-t go on and simply want just to get down in the snow and fall asleep.
I know how it feels when you prefer to risk and probably die, than continue to suffer.
I know how it feel when you are freezing for hours, days, months..years
I know how it feels when the best years of your yooth are spent in the haze of blood, mud and explosive vapors.
I know how it feels when you have a family, wife who loves you are respects you, son that is litterary an apple of your eye, your own comfortable home and job that pays well and makes you feel fulfilled - and slowly lose it all.
I know how it is to start your own small business, do everything to make it work and finally just end up in debts.
I know how it feels when your newborn daughter is in incubator, with 10 tubes attached to her fragile body, to visit her for 4 days, until they tell you that there is no need to come anymore.
I know how it feels when you are asked where precisely is her body in the grave, because they will make concrete edges for a small grave and I-m the only one who knows where her body preciselly is/ because I laid her in the grave with my own hands.
I know how it feels when you are hungry and sick, but you have to get up and move on, because nobody will come to help you.
I know how it feels to wake up at 5, to go to work for people who doesn-t see a person in you.
I know how it feels when you say goodbye to your best friend and have nobody that can replace him.
But I also know many usefull things that most of the people will never know. And I did many things that most of the people can never achieve.
I also know how it feels to keep memory of your mother and smile when you see her smile inside you.
I also know how it feels when there is no pain, no fear, no suffering. I know how to appreciate being peaceful and calm.
I also know how it feels when you have no fear from men, no fear from death. I know how it feels to be free.
I also know how to love and respect people who love and respect me, always trying to give as twice as much I receive.
I also know how fragile and precious life is and how sad are days wasted in not giving yourself.
I also know how it feels to forgive, to forget, to avoid people who are not worth your time.
I know how to love and how to live.
Yet, I know nothing.

Feb 15, 2018


Winter is the kitchen sponge made from glass spears.
Wind like a scream heard down from the valley.
And branches of a tree
dry but not frozen,
reach for the sky.-
Where is my sun ?

Rust on the roofs of all these nameless houses.
Snow like reminder of footsteps in the dark.
Clouds are all hidden,
gray sky falls on eyes ;
Fire my friend -
where is my sun ?

Feb 8, 2018

Starving Whales

In the bushes
snow-white lions
penta liliac on the shirt
You and I and your mother's husband
drowned in wisdom
paining smile
Screw the morning
chaining coffees
lights brought down in deepest mine
Sun is up
I'm breeding people
Show me tits
and fuck my mind

Feb 7, 2018

Burning child

A snake gets through my open mouth and finds a way through my skull to eat my eye from the inside. I am numb, watching a dog's head in the forest on a heap of moss. I only see his head. His eyes are yellow and blazing with yellow flame. His whole head is in the color of surrounding trees and fallen leaves. And I'm not afraid, because I know he's dead.
I can feel he's in agony, but then he exhales, closes his eyes, and rots within few seconds. Only one half of his head is rotten, but nobody could see it there except me, because he rotted from the fire inside, melting into surroundings.
Meanwhile, a rat is leaning down my forehead to bite off my nose.